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The "Official" end of the Campaign

It's officially done.

Last week the campaign team handed in our audited financial statements for the Campaign. Getting the financials in order and securing an auditor became a harder task than at first thought, but thanks to the hard work and dedication of our financial team we did it!

Here are the final results of the election:

COUNCILLOR - Ward 24 - 52 of 52 Polls Reporting
CandidateTotal votes% of total votes
David Shiner 10523 58.387%
Sonny Cho 4986 27.665%
Eugene Loo 1611 8.939%
Bob Nahiddi 903 5.01%
Totals 18023 100%

All I can say is thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU.

Those 1,611 votes are dedicated to the extremely hard work of the campaign team, the nearly 50 volunteers that helped out and all the financial contributors to the campaign. Without all these factors, we wouldn't even have come close.

Ultimately while I wasn't elected to city council, there is hope in every vote. It stood for people wanting change, supported more diversity on council and empowered a youth driven grassroots movement to strive for more.

It was an extremely humbling and eye-opening life experience that pushed my own limits.

I hope to take this experience and build on it in the future. I was honored to represent Willowdale as a City Councillor Candidate and look forward to future endeavors in politics.

Thanks again and see you around the area!

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Facebook: Eugene Loo


Dear Friends of Willowdale and residents of Toronto,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. My goal for this site is to provide a comfortable space where we can have open dialogue on how we can bring the great City of Toronto into the future. I want to take a moment to explain why I'm running for City Councillor for Ward 24. As a Willowdale resident for over 17 years, I have seen the highs and lows and the different changes that have taken place in our community. I have witnessed firsthand the effects and concerns of my neighbours, from the garbage collection strike to the increases in land-transfer taxes. As a fellow neighbour, I understand the issues and challenges that face our community. I can represent you at City Hall.

In 2006, our community experienced its second lowest voter turnout of all of the wards within Toronto. This concerns me and raises two issues: Members of Willowdale were not given enough encouragement to vote As a community, we lacked communication with each other. We did not listen to our neighbours' concerns and find resolutions for the issues that concerned our friends and families.

We can change this! Let's Get out and Vote!

My reason for running for Toronto City Councillor, Ward 24 is simple. I want everyone to "Be Heard, Be Valued, Be Represented". The right to vote our elected councillors should not be taken lightly. Our neighbours need to be informed of their right and elect a representative who cares and listens to their needs. Whether you heard about this site from a friend, a campaign sign, a phone call, our neighbourhood meetings, or a flyer, I invite you to join me in the democratic process on October 25th, 2010 and vote for a responsible and engaged Toronto City Councillor for Ward 24. Let's take pride in our community and turn Willowdale from the second lowest voter turnout to the highest in this year's municipal elections.

Support me in listening to our neighbours!

As a local business owner of a successful media marketing company (, a proud member of the Canadian Navy, and the only councillor candidate who is a resident of Willowdale for over 17 years, I would be honoured to represent you at City Hall. If you agree with what I stand for, I would love to have your support and vote. Please look for the links below to see the platform that I have set in motion to improve this community today, ways to financially support this campaign for a Better Toronto, and how to do your part in making Toronto the best city in the world. It takes a united community behind this campaign for us to win, and all of your efforts are greatly appreciated. Please feel free to look up my biography, my platform, or contact me if you have any needs or questions. You may contact me at (647) 771-8683 or via email at

Be heard.
Be valued.
Be represented.


Eugene Loo

City Councilor Candidate | Ward 24 | Willowdale







Eugene's Message

Eugene Loo's Campaign Message

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5 reasons to vote for Eugene

  • 1. He has been a Willowdale resident for over 17 years.
  • 2. He is Accountable, Trustworthy, Honest
  • 3. He has the skills and abilities to work as a Toronto City Councillor
  • 4. He understands the issues, concerns, challenges facing Toronto and the Ward of Willowdale
  • 5. He is young, engaged, and will work hard for your tax dollars

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